Diabetes Insipidus. Methods of Treatment by Drugs Of Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Diabetes insipidusDiabetes insipidus is the syndrome caused by deficiency in the organism of vasopressin. This substance is called still antidiuretic hormone. It is formed in hypothalamus, collects in hypophysis and is responsible for balance of liquids in an organism such as blood, waters, extracellular liquid parts and others. Diabetes insipidus is caused as a result of hypophysis abnormality provoked by benign and malignant metastatic tumors. Other possible reasons of destructive processes in a hypophysis are unsuccessful brain surgeries. Approximately each five case of this disorder is an example of such unsuccessful neurosurgical operations.

Except genetic diabetes insipidus in children gained form in adults there exist central diabetes insipidus, nephrogenic diabetes insipidus and neurohypophyseal diabetes insipidus.

The main symptoms are frequent urination and a syndrome of thirst. Expressiveness of these symptoms can be of various intensity. At incomplete deficiency of an antidiuretic hormone only insignificant demonstration of symptoms of this disorder is possible. For an idiopathic form, on the contrary, the sharp beginning of the disease is characteristic. Clinical symptoms of diabetes insipidus of prolonging recurrence are increase in the size of a bladder, extension and omission of stomach, hypotension, symptoms of body dehydration. Children can have especially sharp symptoms of diabetes insipidus, up to development of neurologic violations, sharp temperature increase, the exhausting vomiting, an incontience of urine and hyperosmolar coma.

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At the basis of treatment diabetes insipidus lies replacement therapy by synthetic analogs of vazopressin. To the preparations capable to compensate the level of antidiuretic hormone in an organism, desmopressin or beta-hypophamine may be used. They are issued in the form of tablets or nasal sprays.

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An important role in this disorder treatment is played by diet therapy. All patients with deficiency of antidiuretic hormone are recommended to eat and increase fractionally amount of complex carbohydrate such as potatoes, vegetables, grain, bean, meat, nuts and others. Stimulation of natural vazopressin development at an incomplete form of diabetes insipidusis is carried out by different preparations. With hypophysis tumor surgical treatment of this disease is the tumor removal and, in case of need, radiation exposure is prescribed to patients.