Cardiac asthma. Alternative Way of Treatment Together with Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Cardiac asthma Cardiac asthma is a hypertension complication, atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis, a heart attack, cardiac fault. Cardiac asthma is manifested in the attack of short breathing and asthma provoked by stagnation of blood in pulmonary vessels, difficulties of its outflow in the left cardiac ventricle. Cardiac asthma develops because of the left atrioventricular opening narrowing or left ventricular heart failure at myocarditis, a sharp heart attack, an extensive cardiosclerosis, aortal cardiac defects, insufficiency of the mitral valve, aneurism of the left ventricle, the paroxysmal rises in pressure which are followed by the excessive tension of left ventricle myocardium. As the attack reason usually emotional or physical activity, increase of pressure, anginal attack is considered to be especially in the afternoon. In rare instances asthma arises after plentiful drink or food, but more often the attack develops at night, during a dream.

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Diagnosis establishment during an attack is carried out by means of cardiac asthma symptoms assessment. Differential diagnostics with bronchial asthma is of great importance (especially at elderly persons). It is very important to establish asthma origin because during rendering the emergency aid at cardiac asthma for arresting the attack completely other medicines which aren’t applied at bronchial asthma are used.

The doctor has to listen to the patient’s heart. For this type of asthma the gallop rhythm is characteristic, over a pulmonary trunk the accent two tones is listened. Pulse can be with weak filling, tachycardia can develop, the exhalation doesn’t cause difficulties and remote rattles are listened. Deviations can be seen and on an electrocardiogram: coronary insufficiency, rhythm violation is noticeable. At typical symptoms it is possible to diagnose cardiac asthma but if there are bronchospasms, the patient or his acquaintances is interrogated regarding predisposition of the patient to an allergy, existence of chronic bronchitis or other pulmonary diseases.

So many aspects should be taken in consideration even to establish the diagnosis and to tell you the truth the treatment is a rather long-term and difficult process but you may treat it with the help of drugs by Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy.

All stages of cardiac asthma treatment are carried out together with continuous oxygen therapy. The effective prevention of an attack requires urgent and correct treatment of the main disease that can include restriction of liquid, salt, reception diuretic, cardiacs.