Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy about Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Sooner or later every man experiences erectile dysfunction. What are the causes of erectile dysfunction? Only the competent expert can correctly understand ED causes. Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy – – will explain all the causes of erectile dysfunction in males.

Erectile Dysfunction is a “Shameful” Topic

Many men come across with the situation when, erection suddenly disappears.

As a rule, a man quickly passes to the question, not finding answers. And due to the delicacy of the problem does not seek medical help, and begins to engage in amateur activity – to look for dubious quality information on the Internet, buy advertised medications or dietary supplements with unknown components, or even address psychics and magicians.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Not understanding erectile dysfunction cause, it is impossible to treat it properly. At the same time, a prolonged fixation on problem will constantly reduce self-confidence, forming a “vicious circle” and leading to a further deterioration in erectile function.

Psychological ED Causes

Erectile Dysfunction CauseThe causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) are diverse, so it is only the specialist who can properly figure out what exactly led to it. This does not apply, perhaps, only to those cases when a single erectile dsyfunction occurred due to fatigue or lack of sleep and after rest penile working capacity was completely restored.

Medical ED Causes

In formation of ED, psychological factors play a key role:

  • troubles;
  • nervous tension;
  • stress;
  • more serious disorders, such as phobias, anxiety, depression, and others.

In such cases, the patient should visit an andrologist or clinical psychologist.

Potency can also be affected by many medications, as well as alcohol and other drugs. Smoking is one of the key predisposing factors of erectile dysfunction.

Lifestyle can make contribution to erectile dsyfunction:

  • sedentary work;
  • lack of physical activity;
  • excess of mental loadings;
  • improper nutrition;
  • improper clothes.

Unclear Causes of Erectile Dysfunction explained by Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Sometimes erectile dysfunction cause is non-obvious factors, for example:

  • increased arsenic content in drinking water;
  • physical effects (vibration, pressure, etc.);
  • gum and periodontal damage;
  • others.

Diseases that Cause Erectile Dysfunction

In addition, ED may be a consequence of various diseases. They can be divided into two large groups:

  1. The first relate directly to the reproductive system – it affects vascular system and penile cavernous bodies, damage to its nerves due to inflammation, surgery or trauma. Some endocrine disorders can also be referred to this group – impaired production and metabolism of hormones that regulate sexual function.
  2. Another group is systemic diseases that affect body as a whole. These include diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, multiple sclerosis and many other chronic diseases.

What Doctor Treats Erectile Dysfunction?

Only an andrologist by means of various diagnostic techniques may establish the correct diagnosis of erectile dysfunction.

Doctor will appoint:

  • different tests;
  • ultrasound;
  • dopplerography;
  • night erection and bulbocavernous reflex evaluation;
  • cavernosography;
  • cavernosometry;
  • biotensiometry;
  • MRT.

What is Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

When ED cause is clearly established, an individual treatment plan is developed. It can include administration of medications that directly affect filling of corpus cavernosum, treatment of co-morbidities, correction of psychological disorders, physical therapy, use of vacuum devices, etc.

In more complex cases, such as severe violations of blood supply to penis, congenital or acquired anatomical defects of cavernous bodies, the consequences of genital injuries and others, patient is prescribed surgical treatment.